About Us

  • Way back in 2007, a small group of youngsters who met through helping activities thought that they should bring some change that the Rural India requires. The biggest question before them was how to start and where to start. Another biggest challenge was – they don’t know what they can do.
  • Very soon they named their group as “Helping Hands” and they made some fund (from their pockets) and ideas (on how they can bring about the change). Ideas have travelled all over the country and have passed through all the hurdles that Rural India is facing. And they found answers to their questions after six months of forming this group. .
  • The answer was:Provide(improve) facilities and extend support to Education, Health & bring awareness on Environmental Issues. Without any delay, every individual of that group gathered information on their(home-towns’) near-by villages and finalised on one village – Pulponpally, Mehboobnagar Dist, Andhra Pradesh. Started with primary focus on Education facilities, that group (We) so far has come a long way towards achieving their (our) Goal.
    (Still a long way to go…..)

Now, that small group has grown into SAHASRA Foundation (Reg: 838/08).
We welcome you in to our SAHASRA Family!!!